Who's in charge?

Grace is structured with elements of both congregational and elder leadership. The congregation approves the budget, elects the elders, and approves the pastor. The elders make the operational decisions of the church.

 The pastor


The current pastor is Bob Butler; his wife is Bonnie. They have three children and four grandchildren. They were both born and raised in California, Bonnie in Escondido and Bob in Whittier. They also grew up in church. Bonnie's dad was a pastor [founding pastor of Orange Glen Baptist in Escondido] and Bob's parents met at a Christian college [Asbury in Kentucky]. Both accepted Jesus into thier hearts at an early age.

 Bob was a classics major at UC Irvine, a New Testament major at Talbot seminary, and earned a doctor's degree in education at California Coast University.

In addition to pastoral ministry, he had been involved with summer camping ministry, Christian education, and home schooling. He has been involved with the Friends Church, the Conservative Baptist, and the Evangelical Free Church. He has been at Grace for over 10 years. He has also written a book entitled, God's Champion: the Life of Job. Learn more.

While experience counts, it is a changed heart, not the well informed mind or diverse experiences that makes a spiritual difference.

The Elder board

Pastor as acting chairman
Joop Kolster, facilities
Jack Corlett, treasurer

Office manager

Ginny Hedberg

Bible study leaders

        Ron Spencer - Wednesday afternoon at a home (3:00 p.m.)
        Genny Hedberg - Thursday morning ladies' Bible Study (10:00 a.m.)