Why Grace Church?

Different people will have different answers to that question. In part, it depends on your wants or needs. Some are looking because of their kids. Some are looking becasue of denominational ties. Some are looking for either a large or small church. Some are looking for preaching, theology, business contacts, friends, social involvement, etc. Here are the reasons for some of the people at Grace:

What some have had to say:

You have been my healing therapy for the last 5 years. ND

We found Grace Church to be a Christ-centered church with good teaching to practically live by, music we could worship the Lord by, and people who were like-minded and friendly. C&PS

Others have commented on the fact that it is an open and friendly group. They find it easy to get involved. Some have appreciated the help that they have found for practical problems. Many have enjoyed the regular emphasis on missions and opportunities to be involved in acheivable ways.

We found Grace Church to teach the Word of God in an encouraging way. We found many new friendships. M&SB